Neighborhood parking disasters D-town due to enduring bureaucratic patronage picks like Tina Scardina

Neighborhood parking issues Mile High City due to long term bureaucratic dead weight just like Tina Scardina

car parking troubles in Denver as a result of lifelong political hacks like Tina Scardina

Wondering why auto parking enforcement is such a joke in Denver's communities?
the problem goes no further than Tina Scardina, the head of "right of way" enforcement.
for many years, Denver's neighborhoods have attempted to obtain receptive, prompt enforcement of community car park constraints, however the grievances have dropped on unskilled ears.

Scardina is just one of those incompetents. She jumped from city task to city job, protected by political links. Method back in the Webb administration, Scardina was deputy principal of parks. Earlier, she was Webb's liaison to the gay area. In 1997, Scardina belonged to the Mayor's Neighborhood Feedback Workplace, somewhat paradoxical offered the problems today. By the Hickenlooper administration, she was a component in Public Works.

Part of Denver's chronic city monitoring issues have deep roots in system that has raised and shielded the politically linked. Scardina earned her political red stripes by going to battle for Webb against Rick Jung in the gay area. When Webb repelled the strong obstacle from Mary, Scardina gained what seems lifetime employment in the City and Area.

IPS consumer Tina Scardina, Director of the Right of Method Enforcement, Denver, Carbon Monoxide states: "The capability to be dexterous is what I such as about the system. Parking monitoring is not strictly concerning boosting revenue.

" Never ever had anything like that at our organization," said Tina Scardina, Supervisor of Right of Way Enforcement and also Meter Operations for the City of Denver.
Scardina validated a CBS4 Investigation that found auto parking enforcement agent Robert Youthful collapsed his city Jeep while working Sept. 12 at the junction of Larimer as well as 22nd roads.
" Transformed on the heat in the automobile and the home windows fogged up. I absolutely couldn't see anything then," claimed Young. He rammed one more auto in the intersection. Police mentioned Youthful for running a traffic signal. Due to the intensity of the accident, Youthful was instantly gotten to undergo alcohol and drug testing. Within hrs, the test revealed Young declared for marijuana.

The Denver Public Functions Department has actually placed its supervisor of enforcement and meter procedures, Dominic Vaiana, on paid investigatory leave with little explanation to workers or the public.


On Monday, May 23, a manager composed Vaiana, "This is main notice that you are being positioned on investigatory leave with pay effective instantly, and up until further notice."

Dominic Vaiana (credit: CBS).
Dominic Vaiana (credit report: CBS).
Vaiana is the second highest possible ranking administrator in the Right-of-way Enforcement Department.

Public Works declined to even expose Vaiana's work condition when CBS4 listened to from city sources concerning the suspension and began making queries.

" Public Works decreases to review even more," created department speaker Nancy Kuhn when CBS4 sought information and also info on May 25. She claimed there was no criminal investigation.

Vaiana did not react to multiple queries from CBS4 concerning why he was suspended. When a press reporter knocked on his door Tuesday afternoon Vaiana made eye get in touch with yet then eluded into one more area and declined to address his door.

The Public Functions and Right of Method Enforcement Department only exposed Vaiana's suspension after CBS4 filed a Colorado Open Records Act request. That demand yielded an email from Tina Scardina, the supervisor of Right of Way Enforcement, to personnel.

" If anybody on your team inquires about this, all that any of us can state is that he gets on investigatory leave," wrote Scardina. "I'm not able to claim significantly regarding this scenario to safeguard the due procedure.".

Other emails gotten by CBS4 show Public Works authorities expressed terrific necessity in cutting Vaiana off from his city email and also other city resources. On the mid-day Vaiana was placed on leave, Scardina emailed other managers complaining that Vaina's electronic accessibility had not been cut off swiftly sufficient.

" It is vital that this ... be finished asap per city attorney's workplace," wrote Scardina. All gain access to by Dominic on VPN and also any various other device to access city digital resources and also all related job documents, etc. must have been put on hold 4 hours back.

By the adhering to day, a worker of the city's modern technology services division reacted that "We have actually replicated all of Vaiana's H: drive data to a folder on Tina's H: drive ... We have actually been removing his live e-mail all early morning as well as have actually just completed.".

Administrators altered his phone password and also impaired his access to his computer, e-mail and also an electronic timecard system.

As mystery proceeds to border the suspension of Denver's leading car parking enforcer, his managers continue to be limited lipped.

". I can't clarify," composed Nancy Kuhn in an e-mail to CBS4 on Monday.

Denver's leading car parking enforcer was suspended continue reading this with pay, after that released a written scolding for the method he managed the work application process for a convicted sex wrongdoer. That brand-new details comes from a disciplinary letter acquired by CBS4.

The Manager of Denver's Right of Method Enforcement, Dominic Vaiana, was strangely positioned on paid investigatory leave May 23 with no explanation to his staffs. City managers relocated promptly to make certain Vaiana had no email access or access to his city mobile phone.

Vaiana declined to review his compensated suspension and his bosses likewise decreased to review what motivated him to be sent out home for three weeks, then brought back to work.

Nevertheless, CBS4 has actually gotten a duplicate of the written scolding provided to Vaiana June 13. It states in April 2016, a man requested a task with Public Works as well as Vaiana was the working with authority for the placement. The prospect divulged he is a registered sex offender. After he did, Vaiana cancelled the man's interview writing, "The committee was uneasy with your condition as a signed up S.O.".

The letter suggests Vaiana terminated the meeting unilaterally and also never ever in fact sought advice from with any person else. In the letter of lecture, the agency says terminating the interview process was "ultimately correct" as the candidate would likely have been disqualified, but that Vaiana failed to comply with procedures for employing managers.

The letter of chiding from Tina Scardina, Supervisor of Right of Method Enforcement, specifies Vaiana has no previous self-control in his 8 years as a city worker however additional misbehavior might cause discontinuation.
Denver's Supervisor of Enforcement as well as Meter Workflow is back at job after a 3 week long investigatory suspension, although Public Functions managers aren't promptly revealing what caused the suspension.

CBS4 reported recently that Dominic Vaiana, a $95,000 annually auto parking supervisor had actually been suddenly suspended with pay on Might 23 with little description. Public functions authorities would certainly not disclose what caused Vaiana's investigatory leave.

Resources claimed Vaiana went back to function Monday, which was validated by Nancy Kuhn, a spokesperson for the general public Functions Division. Vaiana is second-in-charge in Denver's Access Enforcement Department. He manages the providing of vehicle parking tickets.

Vaiana did not reply to several requests from CBS4 about why he was suspended. Kuhn declined to answer questions about why Vaiana was put on hold or gone back to function today, claiming those responses may be supplied if a legal open records request was filed. CBS4 filed that request Tuesday early morning.
Denver's Supervisor of Enforcement and also Meter Procedures is back at the office after a 3 week long investigatory suspension, although Public Works administrators aren't instantly disclosing what led to the suspension.

CBS4 reported last week that Dominic Vaiana, a $95,000 each year car park supervisor had actually been unexpectedly put on hold with pay on May 23 with little explanation. Public works officials would certainly not disclose what caused Vaiana's investigatory leave.

Resources stated Vaiana returned to work Monday, which was confirmed by Nancy Kuhn, a spokesperson for the general public Functions Division. Vaiana is second-in-charge in Denver's Right of Method Enforcement Department. He oversees the issuing of auto parking tickets.

Vaiana did not react to several requests from CBS4 about why he was suspended. Kuhn decreased to address inquiries regarding why Vaiana was suspended or returned to work today, claiming those solutions may be offered if a legal open records demand was submitted. CBS4 submitted that request Tuesday morning.

The Manager of Denver's Right of Means Enforcement, Dominic Vaiana, was strangely put on paid investigatory leave May 23 with no description to his subordinates. City administrators relocated promptly to make certain Vaiana had no email gain access to or access to his city cellphone. Vaiana is the second greatest ranking manager in the Right of Method Enforcement Division.

Vaiana is second-in-charge in Denver's Right of Means Enforcement Department. Vaiana is second-in-charge in Denver's Right of Method Enforcement Division.

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